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  1. Reading PDF Documents in Mac OS Mail
  2. How to Read PDF Documents in Mac OS Mail

Applications including Terminal do not get "full disk access" e.

Reading PDF Documents in Mac OS Mail

Try to grant Terminal access in Unlock the system preference panel, by clicking the lock at the bottom left and filling in your password. Then either drag and drop Terminal. Less elegant, usually not advised in case you forget to re-enable it again , a lot of booting in and out, but just as effective.

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  • Is the problem limited to large attachments?.

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Displaying attachment as icons the permanent way

How can I disable inline attachment previews i. Ask Question.

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In High Sierra, the following terminal command was sufficient: How can I accomplish this in Mojave? You should clarify "does not work". Does the command fail with some kind of error message or does the command succeed but Mail still shows inline attachments?

Then launch Terminal and try your command again. Redarm Redarm 1, 2 7 For some file types, OS X displays the attachment inline with text, but in the case of high-resolution images, this can sometimes impact email readability.

How to Read PDF Documents in Mac OS Mail

There are actually two ways to accomplish this: To do that, follow these steps:. You can easily convert it back to an inline attachment again by right-clicking on the icon and choosing the View in Place option from the drop-down list. After the command is put through Terminal, your Mail app should now start showing your email attachments as icons instead of inline attachments.