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Uninstall Office for Mac - Office Support

One good example of this is Genieo, aka InstallMac. This adware provides an uninstaller that leaves a lot of actively-running junk behind. The most difficult case involves apps that were downloaded from somewhere other than the App Store, but that did not require an installer.

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Such apps are installed simply by dragging them to the Applications folder. In many cases, removing these apps is as simple as dragging them to the trash. However, these apps may also install components elsewhere the first time they are opened.

A complete guide to uninstall software on Mac

Again, you will need to seek help from the program documentation or the developer in these cases. Mac OS X , uninstall. App store uninstalls the method you use still leaves tons of junk behind, sometimes a gigabyte worth. Realistically I have to say windows is only slightly better since many of its installers do maybe half of what they should do and can corrupt the registry if they go wrong. Computers as a whole need better uninstallers, no matter the OS.

Most apps you can drag an drop into the trash.

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Apps that require a Kernel Extension to run generally have an uninstaller bundle inside their installer dmg. Some apps are annoying as they offer no uninstaller and have indeed setup launchd processes with require a bit more digging to remove. I have seen folk who have trashed an app but the launchd process remains causing an issue each time the mac boots. Search for: How to uninstall software Published April 7th, at Removing Adware If you are trying to remove adware from your machine, try the removal instructions in my own Adware Removal Guide.

April 7, at 3: But completely removing Java might seem a bit harder than uninstalling normal apps.

Install apps

Space you can, of course, use to install another Java version if you please. Remove one directory and one file a symlink , as follows:. Completely removing Flash Player is a totally different affair than getting rid of normal apps. Did it work? Congratulations — you may officially call yourself a geek now. Now, if you want to remove apps on Mac quickly, safely, and easily, go back to the simplest way with the clean up app CleanMyMac X. Next time you need to uninstall an application on Mac, remember that dragging it to the Trash is only half efficient and confirms the old law of nature — nothing ever gets lost.

Who knows, maybe one day Apple will create a way to proper delete apps on Mac. But that might be just wishful thinking or as realistic as waiting for Santa to slide down the chimney.

How to Completely Remove Apps & Software in Mac OS X by Manual Terminal Uninstall

Or better yet, fire up the quick and easy clean up app, CleanMyMac , to do the dirty work for us. Now you know everything needed to delete apps on Mac the correct way, achieve complete uninstallation and remove annoying quirks and strange apps behaviors. Whether you choose the manual method or opt for the clean up app CleanMyMac X, you can be sure your Mac will be free of unnecessary app files that eat up disk space in vain.

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  • How to Completely Remove Apps & Software in Mac OS X by Manual Terminal Uninstall.

Staying safe and clean feels great, right? Bonus 1: These applications were installed using the Mac package installer. Uninstalling them will remove whatever system-wide changes they made. If you absolutely must remove those files say, if you want to reset an app to its default settings , you can use a handy app called AppCleaner to fully uninstall an app, along with all its extra files. For example, install the Flash plug-in for Mac OS X, or the Java runtime and browser plug-in for Mac, and neither will appear in your Applications folder.

Instead, Oracle instructs you to run several terminal commands to uninstall Java after installing it.

Uninstalling Product Software - Mac OS X

Macs are now falling prey to the same epidemic of crapware Windows PCs have to deal with. The same free application download websites that serve this junk up to Windows users are serving similar junk to Mac users. They may want you to download and run an uninstaller app to remove them, if you can even figure out which ones you have installed. We recommend the completely free Malwarebytes for Mac if you need to purge your Mac of crapware and even Mac malware.