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Plain Cloud Lets you browse and manage iCloud files from your Mac. Tonido Allows remote file access, media streaming and 2GB cloud storage sync between major platforms. MediaFire Official desktop client for the famous file hosting service, with 50GB of cloud storage plus Dropbox-like syncing and sharing features. Arranger Lets you quickly arrange opened app and Finder windows in multiple pre-defined ways using hotkeys or its Menu Bar item; you can have the app ignore certain apps while arranging windows. CloudPull Automatically backs up data from your Google account to your Mac; this includes Gmail messages, Google Drive files, contacts and calendar events.

Fotor Like its Android, iOS and Windows variants, Fotor for Mac offers a bevy of filters filters, effects and scenes, conventional image adjustment options and a flexible crop feature. Brow Adds Chrome and Firefox bookmarks to the Spotlight search index to speed up your browsing experience. Screenink Paid app ; Screenshot tool with powerful, Photoshop-like layered annotation and freehand shot selection. Glui Paid app ; A Skitch alternative that syncs with Dropbox; lets you capture screenshots, annotate them and upload to Dropbox for quick sharing.

Screenstagram Screensaver made out of a dynamic grid of Instagram photos. Vecte Offers a faster, less intrusive app switcher that appears at the left of the screen instead of the center. Bubble Browser An Evernote browser with a beautiful, visually immersive interface that packs everything you need to see in one screen. BeamApp Lets you transfer clipboard content and music playback position between your Mac and iOS device over the internet.

Just like Sublime Text, TextMate is a highly capable text editor for those who write code for a living. You should probably try them both before settling on a favorite. TextWrangler is the completely free fork of BBEdit. Dash is a Mac app designed to make your required reading a more pleasant experience.

The whole iWork suite is now free to all Mac users, including Pages and its web-based equivalent. What better way to learn how to use this powerful spreadsheet app than with a few organizational life hacks Organize Your Life With Numbers for Mac Organize Your Life With Numbers for Mac New Macs come with Numbers, a spreadsheet program that's perfect for helping you get organized. Read More? If you need a simple distraction-free writing environment for free, FocusWriter is the app for you.

Looking for something a little more capable? The Best Word Processor You've Never Used Be it a school paper or a blog post, all of us at some point find ourselves in the position of having to dump a bunch of characters into a text file. While cell phone Among the key features is auto-markdown support, syncing over iCloud and support for importing Word documents.

Ulysses prides itself on two things: LibreOffice might just do the job. A few staff members at MakeUseOf swear by Scrivener, the cross-platform and highly capable written project manager Scrivener: The Best Writing Program for the Mac and PC Scrivener has been around since , and it is a favorite application amongst novelists and screenwriters. Scrivener is not a desktop layout application like Word and Pages, but it helps you organize and export your Make Better Use Of Scrivener When it comes to getting a research paper, ebook or novel completed, Scrivener can help you stay organized and motivated — that is, if you know how to use some of its best features.

It's not always a story in need of an audience, sometimes a story just needs to be told.

16 Best Free Mac Apps

You may want to continue the journal you started when you It syncs over iCloud or Dropbox with your iOS devices, allowing you to update your journal regardless of where you are. How iWork Works: The Basics of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Have you always dismissed Apple's productivity apps as unsuitable for your office needs? It's time to reconsider! Though BTT can be used by any BetterTouchTool and the Leap Motion controller can power-up your workflow with dozens of mouseless shortcuts.

Read More to perform. Well, now you can! Since version 2, the This is where the award-winning productivity Mac application, Alfred comes in. Check out some of the more advanced ways you can put it to use 6 Amazing Alfred Workflows to Make You More Productive 6 Amazing Alfred Workflows to Make You More Productive Now that users and developers are able to extend Alfred's capabilities by adding their own workflows, calling it an 'application launcher' seems a bit limiting. If you could save yourself even a small fraction of the time you spend typing, you could save hours of your time every week.

That's exactly what text expansion is for. Applications like Keyboard Maestro, Hazel, and TextExpander can speed up your workflow and save you lots of clicking, copying, pasting and There might be a better way. The service syncs with iOS devices and other Macs, so you have access to your credentials wherever you go.

If you primarily use Apple products, why not use the company's own password manager completely free of charge? Read More that stores and generates passwords and other sensitive information. Read More ; this free password manager stores your sensitive information in an easy to use if a little barebones package. System cleaning tools and utility suites aren't just for Windows PCs. But what do these tools do, exactly? And should you use them? It allows you to block traffic on a per-app basis, but beyond that there's not a lot of configuration Browse securely, access region-locked video and other blocked material using Hotspot Shield.

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The free plan allows for a limited number of reports to be generated at a set period, including capturing images using the webcam and uploading desktop screenshots, among others. Avoid Mac Malware: Here are five ways you can get your computer dirty. If you're a Mac user, and Apple's default unzip tool is struggling to open an archived file, it's time to install the ultimate tool for the Read More including.

Peek Inside. ZIP files on his Mac without them automatically extracting, so it was time to find a solution. Use Geektool or Nerdtool separate projects to display various information, terminal commands, images, text documents and more on your desktop. You need GeekTool. Disk Wave is a free Mac app that scans your drive and shows you where the biggest files are. Read More with DiskWave, a must-have for most Mac owners — but particularly those with limited solid state drives. Mac menu bar looking a little messy? And How to Fix It When Apple released the MacBook Pro with Retina display this time last year, they raised the bar for laptop display technology, as they previously did for the smartphone and tablet industries.

The only issue they Read More , which no longer works on modern versions of macOS. If you need to get rid of it, you need AppCleaner. Guess what? You can! Most users ignore it, and not many developers are building things for it. Replace all of your Mac's Dashboard widgets using the new Today view in Yosemite.

Here's how it works. Here are our Mac favorites.

You can make batch edits, quickly navigate between files and view multiple files at once. You can also customize the app itself with simple JSON files. SuperDuper is an easy-to-use, reliable data loss prevention app that both non-technical and technical users will enjoy. With SuperDuper, you can create a backup of your hard drive so that if your Mac crashes, you'll have a second copy of your work stored elsewhere. It's great when moving from one machine to another, or for simply backing up your files.

If one of your files becomes corrupted, you can simply reboot it with your SuperDuper copy.

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The Unarchiver is a quick and easy way to open all compressed file types. This app is extremely easy to customize, and allows you to specify which files for which it should be used and where it should save the files. Transmission is a notably fast BitTorrent client with an extremely easy-to-use interface and customizable options. The app lets you queue downloads, set timers for when to start or stop them.

It's open source and claims that it doesn't track its users or have any kind of third-party ads, so your cybersecurity is safe. Its most notable feature is that it doesn't use up a lot of memory, so it won't slow down your computer significantly while running. The VLC player is arguably the best and most versatile media player out there today. Hot keys give you quick and painless access to VLC's different views and features. VLC also has a slew of effects settings -- audio, video, synchronization and more.

Remember when Microsoft Word had a clipboard that let you copy and paste multiple items? Jumpcut is the free Mac app equivalent. Jumpcut lets you see everything you've copied that day, and allows you to page through the copied items until you've found the item you'd like to paste.

74 Best OS X (Mac OS) Apps You Need (12222)

For a more detailed explanation of how the app works, click here. When you hear the word " app ," you immediately think of those small programs for your smartphone. However, an app is simply any piece of software that serves some kind of purpose, either online, on your computer or another electronic device. Some of the best and most versatile apps are available for Mac. We've compiled a list of the best free Mac apps, from well-known ones such as Dropbox and Skitch , to lesser known ones such as Adium and CheatSheet.

The 25 Best Free iPad Apps. Some of these apps can be found within Apple 's App Store , while others are registered under the GNU GPL license, meaning that you can view and change the source code easily. Many of them are also compatible with various plugins and add-ons, which make it easy to customize the app to your liking. Homepage image: Flickr, John Watson.